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Durée de vie d’un casque moto : est-elle vraiment de 5 ans ?

Durée de vie d'un casque moto
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Your motorcycle helmet is of paramount importance for your safety since it protects your head in the event of impacts during an accident. It must therefore be of good quality and approved so that it perfectly ensures your protection. You then wonder when to change it , which is normal sell bitcoin to paypal  since this information is not the most hammered out for road safety awareness. Either way, here’s what you need to know.

When should you change your motorcycle helmet?

Before talking to you about the ideal duration of a motorcycle helmet change , you should know that in the event of an accident, there is no negotiation possible as to the obligation to change your helmet, and this, even if you just bought it. Indeed, this is the only solid item that protects your head, so it’s well worth dipping into your savings. Click here for more details.

A small drop from the helmet usually does not cause major damage. On the other hand, if you fall violently during an accident or not, there may be invisible microcracks, which weaken the helmet. If in doubt, be careful not to drop it to avoid weakening it .

Lifespan of a motorcycle helmet

Also, you must change your helmet if you observe pronounced wear. In fact, foams should always be kept in good condition, because the softer and softer they are, the less likely you will be able to keep the helmet on your head properly. In addition, small mechanisms such as hinges and screws are liable to age and weaken.

The accumulation of small drops or small bumps can therefore seriously impair the ability of your helmet to protect your head. Hence the importance of remaining attentive to each wear and changing it if you have any doubts.

What is the lifespan of a  sell bitcoin to paypal motorcycle helmet?

The law does not impose any legal lifespan for motorcycle helmets , although we often hear that it needs to be renewed every 5 years. That said, this average changes with the regularity with which you use it. Indeed, a person who rides on his motorcycle ten times a year will not change his helmet at the same frequency as the one who uses it every day.

This 5-year validity has two explanations:

  • Always have a high-performance helmet in tune with the times;
  • The warranty offered by most manufacturers is 5 years.

Technologies change rapidly. Therefore, buying a new helmet every 5 years allows the user to always protect themselves in the best possible way. As for the guarantee that you can have, it allows you to ride quietly and to be compensated in the event of failure of one or more parts.

Finally, note that if you no longer remember the date on which you bought your helmet, you may find on the latter’s attachment strap an E22-05 standard preceding its date of manufacture.

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